Liya Mukhamedova, Strukturní bioložka z Ruska.

September 09, 2021

From the Republic of Tatarstan in Russia, Liya tells us about her work as a virologist in Brno and the disbelief in science, among other things.

Interview: Olena and Carlos
Photographs: Carlos Lopez

Liya closes the door as fast as possible as I step back. It's for my own safety. I was entering  a containment area where she takes care of, feeds, and observes how viruses reproduce and react to some of the tests they go under as part of her research. We just watch through the glass door like two little kids.

Liya showed us 3D models and pictures of the viruses on her computer. These are more like abstract geometric design, but it has nothing to do with creativity.

Watch the video to learn about a virus that is attacking bees and what a virologist from Russia does in the city of Brno.

95% of Liya's work is exploring data and trying to make sense of it. Based on that, she can see how they look like.

Safety first. Masks, before used just inside the lab, now everywhere.

After feeding the viruses, a cup of coffee is always welcomed

Liya works in CEITEC (Central European Institute of Technology) which is the European Research Center for Life Science, Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology. CEITEC was founded by a group of Brno universities and research institutes and supported by both the South Moravian Region and the city of Brno.

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